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You’re Invited to a Poetry Slam

You're Invited to a Poetry Slam

Come out to cheer on the CWC’s Barb Day, and/or read your own writings during the open mic portion.


Congratulations Elizabeth!

20130723-215735.jpgCongratulations to Elizabeth McCallister on the launch of her first poetry collection.

Notes From Suburbia is available from the author, and through the publisher, Craighleigh Press


Member News

Monica George, a fifth year composition student at Oberlin Conservatory in Ohio set April Bulmer’s poem “The Waist of the Moon” to women’s choir music. It was performed two weeks ago at their Spring Concert.

Thought you might want to have a listen, as it is quite haunting.

Congratulations April and Monica!

You’re Invited to a Poetry Slam

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FRIDAY, SEPT.  14TH         


SIGN-UP AT 7:30 P.M.



Featuring the Guelph Poetry Slam Team

Come out & perform or sit back & enjoy an

entertaining evening of spoken word!

Member News

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Four members of the CWC will be published in Ascent Aspirations’ latest anthology As One Cradles Pain: An Anthology on Issues Exploring Disorders.

Poetry Prizes
“The Great Illusion” by S. J. White received Ascent Aspirations Second Prize for Poetry.

April Bulmer – “Ward Paint”, “Perennials”, “Petting the Black Dog”
Barbara Lefcourt – “Good Housekeeping”
Diane Attwell Palfrey – “Birthing the Hexenhammer”, “Teratoma”
S. J. White – “The Great Illusion” (2nd Prize), “Mr. Whittaker”

Congratulations to all!

Mixing It Up: Artistic Interpretations

by Bill Ashwell

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I received an email back in February from Brenda Turnour, an award winning local acrylic/watercolour artist with an invitation to participate in an intriguing creative concept. She and Cambridge photographic artist Judee Richardson Schofield had come up with an idea for a collaborative project showcasing the diversity of art interpretation. They’re calling it “Mixing It Up: Artistic Interpretations”.

As I type this, there are approximately 20 local artistes of all stripes, including yours truly, teamed up across the city creating and collaborating in their respective milieux. At a point in my creative life when I thought, through my various artistic networking efforts, that I knew or was acquainted with most of the artists in this city (they/we are a rather tight-knit bunch) I found myself teamed with a complete stranger, a wonderful Preston-area artist by the name of Heidi Hirschmann. Heidi and I were tasked to create work of art combining her talents as an artist and mine as a writer. Much like the 5-Minute Writing Exercise and the Homework Assignment at CWC meetings, Heidi and I were given the topic “Babbling Brook”, and then given carte blanche to come up with something unique and original. I’m not going to spoil the surprise and share with you what we jointly created. You’ll have to wait and see.

The project will be unveiled at the Cambridge City Hall Thursday, May 31 at the Cambridge Fall Fair, and some pairings may be included at the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts and Cambridge Arts Festival.

Gee, I can hardly wait myself. See you on May 31. You won’t be disappointed.

A Cambridge native, Bill Ashwell has been a CWC member since 1995.

In 2007 Bill was awarded the City of Cambridge’s prestigious Bernice Adams Memorial Award for Communication and Literary Arts. His poetry and prose have been published in several editions of the Writers Undercover Anthologies, The Cambridge Wartime Scrapbook, and most recently, for the Cambridge Libraries’ 2011 Poem-A-Day Contest. In 2001 Bill published Moments of Clarity, a collection of his poetry.

Bill also volunteers for many community Arts organizations, including the Cambridge Arts Festival.

Now Accepting New Members

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Fantastic news for writers looking for in-person critiquing help in Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge and surrounding area! Today, in response to the record number of area participants in NaNoWriMo, and the library’s Poem-A-Day contest, CWC President Barb Day announced that she is opening up membership to allow for the addition of a few new members to our roster.

For more information, email us at cambridge_writers (at)