Manitoulin Meanders

by Barbara Lefcourt

A significant part of my poetry focuses on the natural world. My sense of wonder is continuous and consuming even as I cringe at how helpless we can be when faced with the disruptions of sporadic storms and upheavals. This group of haiku spring from wonderment.

A haiku sequence


photo by Liz Noffsinger

by trail at edge of woods
deer stare

at wilderness lake shore
June’s sun enveloping mist
swirls evergreen ghosts

throbbing hummingbird
peers through cottage window
Where’s my feed?

tortoise pulls hard
uphill on three legs
lucky escape

skinny skeleton trees
long fallen, beneath sprawling
fresh greenery

damp limestone meadow
tiny blue blooms mass
soar scent of mint

tickle touch of
questing daddy-long-legs
my fingers kissed

puff-blue sky
the still Great Lake whispers
lost horizon

Barbara Lefcourt was born, raised and educated in New York City and moved to Kitchener-Waterloo with her young family in 1964. She had taught elementary school before staying home to raise three children. She became a member of the CWC in 2003 after starting to write poetry around the time she retired from her mid-life career as teacher of Literacy and Basic Skills for Adults.

One response to “Manitoulin Meanders

  1. Jill summerhayes

    Beautiful rich visual images, great work.

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