Cordelia: Mother Superior

by April Bulmer

“Cordelia: Mother Superior” is an excerpt from April Bulmer’s new book of poetry, Women of the Cloth. It will be published by Black Moss Press in Windsor later this year.

Cordelia: Mother Superior

The moon in its hood
like a beautiful nun.
She prays for light,
her chin heavy
in its bandage.
Her supplication
Catholic and humble.

You worship the moon,
her full blue lips.
Her eyes closed,
though she wages holy war
against the powers of darkness.

Your own prayer is buried
in your heart,
an artery that feeds
your slim body.
Outside, your shadow genuflects.
Mother moon, her vigil.
A host on her tongue.
Her face lit as though by candles
on the high altar

April Bulmer has published six books of poetry. The poem above is an excerpt from her new manuscript Women of the Cloth. Her work has appeared in many national and international journals including the Malahat Review, PRISM international, Arc, Harvard University’s Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion and the Globe and Mail. She recently placed second in the Trinity College Alumni Fiction Contest and was a judge for the Hamilton Literary Awards.

One response to “Cordelia: Mother Superior

  1. becky alexander

    Another gorgeous piece from you, April. It is such a treat to read your poetry.

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