You May Be a Writer If…

girl with pencil on lip

photo by Ambro on

by Becky Alexander

You May Be  a Writer If…

  1. You sit up in bed from a sound sleep, grab the pen and notepad on your night table, and scribble down the brilliant thought that woke you up.
  2. If, having completed #1 above, you wake up in the morning, grab your notepad and read, “Bish that fidnit schiddle ploop,” which is absolute proof that our brains form thoughts before they transpose them to ‘word’ (pun intended).
  3. You have stacks of finely bound journals in your office.
  4. You continue to scribble on cheap yellow legal pads, and not those finely bound journals as they are’ too good to use’. You are saving them for something special…like what, your obituary?
  5. You are suddenly struck by inspiration, and need to write immediately.
  6. You find yourself driving in heavy traffic, searching frantically for a scrap of paper somewhere in your car, because inspiration has suddenly hit. Watch out for that tree.
  7. You own one of those spiffy little hand recorders, so you can record your inspiration while you drive.
  8. You keep saying to yourself, “I must buy one of those spiffy pocket recorders some time. And WHERE is that danged gas receipt?”
  9. You talk to yourself.
  10. When you are talking to yourself, you change voices, to the amazement of any family member who may walk in and find you delving into such pleasure. 

Becky Alexander is a Cambridge writer. Her work has been published in five countries, and has won hundreds of awards. She runs Craigleigh Press with her husband Dave Allen.

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