Hints on Writing for Anthologies

Guest Post by Donna Clark Goodrich

Image: taesmileland / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

DO use correct format—for prose double space, no extra line space between paragraphs, no justifying right margin, 1 space after period, 12 pt. New Times Roman or Courier. For poetry single space with line space between verses.

DON’T use borders or put submission in box.

DO include name and complete mailing address and e-mail address on submission— not just your blog or web site address. Make it easy for the editor to contact you.

DON’T clean out your files and send everything you have.

DO stick to the theme.

DON’T ask for an extension on the deadline, saying how busy you are.

DO include a suggested title, and capitalize only first letter of major words in title.

DON’T send in a manuscript longer than stated requirements, telling the editor they can cut it down if they want to use it.

DO keep bio sketch within the requested length. Write it in third person, and leave out adjectives such as “loving husband” or “beautiful grandchildren.”

DON’T tell the editor “feel free to edit.” If it needs it, they’ll do it. That’s their job.

DO omit underlines and bold; italicize sparingly any words you want to emphasize.

DON’T write a few days after the deadline, asking if they’ve made a decision.

DO let the editor know if you change e-mail address or other contact information.

DON’T send your submission on Facebook.

Now, start writing and good luck!!

For more information about Donna, author or “A Step in the Write Direction–the Complete How-to Book for Christian Writers”, please check out her website –> thewritersfriend.net

This post was submitted by CWC member Stella Mazur Preda.

Stella Mazur Preda’s poetry has appeared in many Canadian, and some US literary journals and anthologies over the last several years. Her poem My Mother’s Kitchen was purchased by Penguin Books, New York and published in an anthology entitled In My Mother’s Kitchen, which was released in May 2006. Stella’s first book of poetry, Butterfly Dreams, was
published in 2003. Stella is a member of the Cambridge Writers Collective, the Canada Cuba Literary Alliance, The Ontario Poetry Society as well as member and past-president of the Tower Poetry Society, Canada’s oldest ongoing poetry group. Stella is owner and publisher at Serengeti Press. Her 2nd poetry book, The Fourth Dimension, will be released in the spring of 2012.

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