I Write Poetry

by Barb Day

Image: winnond / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Poetry is a record of the life around us and in us, and you’ll get a better idea from poetry what it was like to be alive in 2011 than you will from the New York Times.”

 – Garrison Keillor

Yes, the voice of a poet, in both spoken and written form can put forth a powerful message on pressing social issues of our times.   Poetry throughout the ages, from ancient civilizations to our world today, allows us to communicate personal views on current world issues and provide a device for social commentary.

Weaving our words into artistic form to relay a message can be a compelling means to entice our readers and listeners to look at an issue from a different perspective.  Never underestimate the power of the pen of a poet!

I Write Poetry
I find myself filling pages
A dream weaver, a believer
In pen scratching surface to
Dig deeper and deeper

Weaving those whimsical words into something magical
Something tangible, substantial, real
Something I can hold in my hands and feel and admire

The words leaping to life
And dancing across the page
Beating slowly at first
With a primitive rhythm
And then pulsating louder and louder, reaching a powerful crescendo
That soars skyward to strum the harps of the heavens
The words cutting through the paper like a knife
And breathing with a life of their own
A warrier of words
I write poetry.

Barb Day, current CWC President, lives in Paris, Ontario with her husband and daughter. A Writing for Publication graduate of Mohawk College, Barb’s short stories frequently appear in local publications like “Daytripping”.

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