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My husband had just finished cooking dinner and my stomach growled when the doorbell chimed. I opened the door and stepped outside to greet my suit clad visitors, one of whom thrust a pamphlet with a vivid sunset on the cover into my hand. “What will happen if you should die tonight M’am?” he boomed rhetorically.

My previously growling insides lurched. “But I am a good Catholic,” I quavered.

“Do you know the truth of God’s holy word?” the man continued, unwilling to unlock his stare.

I quietly thanked my unwelcome guests and emphasized again my happiness with my own beliefs. I returned to my cooling dinner. My appetite was not quite as greedy as it had been five minutes earlier.

Lee Anne is a prose writer and has been a member of the CWC for two years.  Her love of writing started when she learned to read as a young child.  She holds a BA  and an MA in English from the University of Toronto.  One of Lee Anne’s current works in progress is a Victorian piece set in the City of Cambridge.  It is chock full of drama, rich language and time period references.  Lee Anne currently lives in Cambridge with her husband and daughter.

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