CWC 20th Anniversary Quiz

by Becky Alexander
Our 13th anniversary cakephoto © 2010 Hiromi | more info(via: Wylio)

  1. In what year was the CWC founded, and by whom?
    A: In 1991, the CWC was founded by local author and business woman Jill Summerhayes.
  2. Who was the first president of CWC?
    A: Jill Summerhayes.
  3. Where was the first CWC Writers’ Retreat held?
    A: This first fabulous retreat was held at Crieff Hills Community Centre. It was in 1994 or 1995—I forget which, and I’m too lazy to look it up in the archives. We stayed in the Matthew House, two to a room, and 13 people attended. It began on Friday the 13th that fall (September, I believe) and we included a midnight walk up the road to explore the cemetery, resulting in many fine pieces of writing.
  4. How many founding members still hold membership at CWC?
    A: None.
  5. Who holds the record for attending the CWC for the longest total time period?
    A: Becky Alexander.
  6. Who is the only member ever to be granted a Lifetime Membership to CWC?
    A: This was granted to former fiction writer Jim Dennison, who died a few years back. His health prevented him from further attendance. He was ‘our’ Clint Eastwood, and we miss him.
  7. Where did the title of our blue ribbon, The Moving Finger Award originate?
    A: This was the brain child of former member David Hobson. Ribbon title is from Omar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat, Chapter LI (51): “The Moving Finger writes,and, having writ, Moves on’…
  8. How many contest anthologies did the CWC produce, and what was their title?
    A: We produced ten contest anthologies, all entitled Writers Undercover.
  9. How many copies of the above anthologies have you read?
    A: You must provide this answer.
  10. Where would you be able to obtain copies of the anthologies, for a nominal fee?
    A: Copies can be purchased from an executive member for $2.00–$5.00. Some editions are sold out.
  11. What is The Grand Gift of Laughter?
    A: This was the title of our millennium project for 2000: a collection of pieces by CWC members. This project was sold out.
  12. Name two other places where the CWC met, prior to the creation of the Cambridge Centre for the Arts.
    A: Earliest meetings were held at members’ homes, then at St. Augustine’s School, then the Galt Little Theatre, and we moved into the Durward centre next door while the CCA was being built.
  13. Name at least three places where the CWC held readings, eventually leading to the belief that ‘we’ closed those establishments (with the ‘CWC kiss of death’).
    A: Some such places were: Saratoga, on Dickson Street, Nadeen’s Cafe, on Water Street, Cafe Calisa, in Preston. And many, many places involving readings in Elora and Fergus have long since closed their doors, although these were not solely CWC reading events.
  14. Which former CWC Member coined the newsletter title: In Orbit?
    A: Nancy Olwen Morrey, former member, winning a contest to select this.
  15. What is the CWC motto?
    A: writers helping writers
  16. Who was the first CWC newsletter editor?
    A: Jill Fox, poet and former member
  17. Who gave the CWC the gift of The Moving Finger Plaque, and why?
    A: This gift was presented to us by Marta O’Reilly, and Norm Johnson, two terrifically motivated CWC members who gave so much of their time and heart to the CWC. When they were moving out to Nanaimo B.C., this was their parting gift to us.
  18. Name at least three former and/or present CWC members who have a brick on the Founders’ Wall in the lobby of the Cambridge Centre for the Arts.
    A: The Founders’ Wall consists of ceramic bricks naming anyone who believed in the building of our arts centre, and who donated cash to help build it. Some names are Jill Summerhayes, Stuart Summerhayes, Bill Ashwell, Becky Alexander, Pat Oliver, Dan Watt.
  19. What special event do you suggest that the CWC hold to celebrate its Twentieth Anniversary, in September 2011?
    A: Please make any suggestions in the comments section or to the  incoming CWC executive for 2011.

4 responses to “CWC 20th Anniversary Quiz

  1. I am feeling nostalgia for the collective and thinking I thinking I should show up again now that I have more time on my hands. Speaking of hands, or at least a particular digit, I must request a change to the noted origin of the Moving Finger Award. It was most definitely David Hobson, not that Corks fellow — I know, vague similarities — David, English etc. It was one of my finest literary moments. I must add that I was inspired to Google CWC after re-reading Wendy Visser’s wonderful poetry. Fix the error and I will return to give thanks — maybe re-join.

  2. Sorry David. The correction has been made. I’ve passed your info on to our membership co-ordinator.

  3. Marion J. Smith

    Please keep me in touch with the 20th. celebration. I am thinking about also rejoining the CWC. The most together and dedicate group of folks/club I ever had the pleasure to belong to. Keep up the great work.

  4. Marcie Schwindt

    We miss you Marion! Please come back.

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